5 Definitions

A simplified summary of reality designed to aid further study. In the business process field, a process model is a simplified or complete process definition created to study the proposed process before execution time.
A system that describes or predicts an associated process based on the definition of variables, rules and equations. A properly-defined model enables analyzing the possible effects of changes in the underlying process based on changes in the model.
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Way to look at an item, generally by abstracting and simplifying it to make it understandable in a particular context.
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A preliminary representation of something, serving as the plan from which the final, usually larger, object is to be constructed.
A formal set of relationships that can be manipulated to test assumptions. A simulation that tests the number of units that can be processed each hour under a set of conditions is an example of a model. Models do not need to be graphical; although that is the way we have used the term throughout this book. Contrast with diagram.
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