Work In Progress (WIP)

5 Definitions

Product or inventory in various stages of completion along the process steps, from raw material to completed product. Any material that is no longer raw materials, but is not yet finished goods is WIP.
Stands for "work in process." Any inventory between raw material and finished goods.
Material that has been partially processed but not yet transformed into its final state and not normally usable as is. The status of WIP material is usually described by its current routing operation location.
defined by Lean Affiliates
WIP. Also called work in process. Product that is between the start and finish of a process i.e. partly finished product. Work in progress is either stored between process steps or being worked on. Together with raw materials and finished goods stock, makes up the inventory.
(WIP) Materials that have been released into production for processing but have not been completed as finished goods
defined by Lean Kaizen