Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)

6 Definitions

Software that provides the capability to model, design, deploy, execute, analyze, and optimize business processes. It coordinates the flow of tasks while capturing information about the execution of the process to enable continuous improvement.
Business Process Management System – A software solution that supports all aspects of managing and operating business processes.
A comprehensive approach to BPM, it provides all of the process management capabilities of BPM software, plus additional functionality which may include: knowledge management, document management, collaboration tools, business rules, etc.
defined by Steelnet Solutions, Inc.
The technology that enables BPM.
Solution A set of tools and services that support the creation, management, and optimization of business processes both on a human and application level.
A software system designed to support business process management. The acronym BPMS is used to distinguish the technology product from the management practice of BPM.