Job Description

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Written outline, by job type, of the skills, responsibilities, knowledge, authority, and relationships involved in an individual's job. Also called position description.
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A document defining the job title and responsibilities of a specific job. It may include information on the specific tasks or activities to be performed and measures by which successful performance will be judged. May include salary and bonus information. Well organized companies create job descriptions and then hire people to do what is described by the job description. In effect it's a contract to which both the company and employee agree. More than one specific employee can be hired to undertake the same job. You might have a description of a sales position and hire dozens or hundred of people to function in that position. A job is not equal to a task or activity. In some cases a job and an activity are equivalent. You describe the activity and hire one or more people to do just that. In most cases, a person will be hired to perform multiple tasks or activities and may only perform specific steps within any given activity. Sometimes called a Job Model.
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